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  • Surfing is an extremely powerful tool in the transformation of the human being. It elevates the purest feeling and the most authentic smile.

    - Pedro Severino -

Our prices

All our classes include transport to and from the beach, surfboard, wetsuit & insurance.
Photos or video with analysis are optional.




Meet our team

Learn how to catch waves with experienced local surfers

Pedro Severino

Founder & Surf Instructor

Pedro has 16 years of surfing experience. He is a recognised surf instructor and coach by the Portuguese Surfing Federation since 2012.

What our students say

  • I loved surfing with Pedro and Emanuel.
    They really want you to improve and have fun at the same time.

    - Paula S. -
  • Those guys really know surfing and get you the best waves
    around Ericeira area. They teached me the true meaning of being united with the ocean. Always with a smile.

    - Antoine F. -
  • If you want to push you limits in surfing, these guys will give you the right guidance. This is more than just a surf school, this is a family.

    - Saul Bass -


All you need to know in one place

We offer lessons 6 days a week. You can start at any time. Lesson times vary depending on the type of lesson and the daily conditions. For more informations please contact us.

  • Bring a swimsuit & towel
  • Wear clothes suited to the weather on the day, and wear lots of sunscreen
  • Don’t forget a camera to document the fun you’ll have


We provide surfboards and wetsuits required for all lessons. Waves & Lines Surf School uses soft, fun, safe surfboards named Softboards.

Softboards have a high density slick bottom, non rash decking material and soft fins. Softboards provide a completely safe surfing experience compared to hard fibreglass surfboards.

We also provide wetsuits to keep you warm and comfortable all year round. Our wetsuits are soft, flexible and easy to wear even if you’ve never worn a wetsuit before.

We will provide you with safety instructions about the surf spot and explain to you the theory behind surfing. This includes for example how waves are created, why is the swell important, how to read currents, the rules in the lineup and much more.

There are plenty of transport options on getting to Ericeira. For more informations check Visit Lisboa


In order to book a class with us please call us directly under (+351) 91 32 12 324 or email us at contact@wavesnlines.com

  • Our main goal is to communicate a deep understanding for the ocean, the waves and surfing. Always with a smile.

    - Pedro Severino -

We take you for a ride

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
We would love to surf with you.

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Get your authentic surfing experience

We encourage  you to push your boundaries, but only in a truly safe environment with teachers that understand everything from a students potential to their fears and surrounding dangers.


Waves & Lines Surf School

Largo da Ruiva nº 17C,
Estrada de S. Julião Assafora,
2705-514 S. João das Lampas

+351 91 32 12 324